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ANALYSIS AND DESIGN FOR ACCOUNTING STUDENTS-PM KHASHI’AH YUSOF Chapter 1: Introduction to Information System Development Computer-based IS ← IS that uses computer and comm tech to perform tasks ← Basic component: • Hardware • Software • Database • Telecommunication • Procedures • People Hardware ← Physical component of comp system ← System unit and motherboards are used to support and tie other components together ← Consist of: • Input device ← Capture and translate data into a form that can be processed and used by other parts of computer ← Eg: keyboard,pointing device,bar code scanner • Computer is composed of the CPU and internal memory ← CPU is the chip that perform the instructions received from software ← Internal memory/Random Access Memory is a temporary memory that hold software instruction and info for CPU ← To permanently store info and recall them, info need to be store in secondary storage device/ext memory • Output device ← Provide copies of data and info on paper, video screen, etc • Modems ← Input or output device that allow a computer to transfer data between each other. Software ← Set of instruction ← Eg: computer code that hardware devices carry out to process info ← Software is fundamental to computer ← Database software is a software that allows you to arrange, modify and extract data from a database to create info Telecommunication & Network ← Telecommunication is a vital computer based tool to help comm info to people in other location ← Computer network through the use of comm tech can share resources such as storage database and processing power ← Can send and receive

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