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Ashley J. Stoeckman M232/MEA2203 Section 12 - Pathophysiology Module 01 – Written Assignment - To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate Kimberly Bauchens Author’s Note: I believe that vaccinating your children are one of the best things that a parent can do for their children. This paper will give my reasons on why I think that it is the best option for my children. When I had my 3 children I never thought about if I should or shouldn’t vaccinate them. I had been vaccinated, so has everyone in my family so I didn’t think twice about getting their shots done. I am a strong believe that every child should be vaccinated, there are so many diseases out there that can kill a child/children and I would not put my own flesh and blood in harm’s way. My grandmother received this family history book and it showed my ancestors from the 1880’s and it shows that one great-great grandparents had 15 children and 6 of them died before their first birthday from Diphtheria. My children mean more to me than anything so…show more content…
They are safe as well as effective, they are only given to children after being reviewed and approved. They can involve some comfort and pain, but this is what I would rather me and my children go through, rather than being sick with a disease that can be fatal. A person may have an allergic reaction to a vaccination, but this is a very rare side effect. Before child/children receive a vaccine their parents receive brochures that explain the side effects that are possible and explain the benefits to having that vaccine. Doctors just are sticking people with shots because they think it’s the right thing for the children. Myself being a parent every time my child has had a shot I had to sign the consent form, I knew that there were risks that could come from my child being vaccinated, but I would rather be “safe” then
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