Not To Vaccinate Argumentative Essay

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To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate Taking vaccinations shots have become the norm, in out society today, there is a vaccination for nearly every possible disease out there. The serious question that we are posed with is, just how beneficial are these vaccinations. They appear to be the easy fix to a solution, but what we are not aware of is that this ‘solution’ is causing a much greater threat on our lives and the lives of our children, through the long term side effects of vaccinations. Whenever, the controversial topic of vaccinations have risen, I frequently hear the comment, “You are a negligent parent, if you do not vaccinate your children”. Whereas, I believe, you are a negligent parent if you fail to look into all possible side effects that vaccinations could have on your child. The general public is exposed to whatever the media would have us believe, such as, vaccinations will only have a small immediate side effect on us, but if we look beneath the surface, we will find a lot of evidence proving otherwise. Vaccinations are designed to prevent one from ever contracting that specific disease. By injecting our bodies, with a small dose of the disease, we build up a state of immunity, to ever catching that illness. However, you will find that no immunization is completely safe and it may cause long lasting side…show more content…
Whereas, any symptoms that occur later on in life are not typically attributed to the vaccine. Because delayed effects are almost impossible to statistically measure up, they neglect to deem them as side effects. Ever since the expansion of vaccinations, there has been an increase in reports for both children and adults of serious brain and cardiovascular injuries, hyperactivity, asthma, learning difficulties, chronic fatigue syndrome. Since the hepatitis B vaccine has been introduced, diabetes has also significantly

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