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It is not technology's fault Essay

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Below is an essay on "It is not technology's fault" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Many people blame on technology of worsening the world by enduring problems such as wars, poverty, and pollution, while ignoring what they've been enjoying in everyday life, say, a computer or medicine to cure diseases. Although I admit that problems never leave us even for one minute; however, technology doesn't give birth to those problems but human do. Moreover, to maneuver technology in a wise way, it can benefit us; to be afraid of it, we check ourselves to move forward.

Wars, the most terrible and last thing we want, have deluded us too long. In another word, some people think it is technology that should be responsible for the great losses that wars impose on human. Reckless people even criticized those scientists who contributed to the research on atomic energy. In their disappointment and fears that technology is a monster that would one day destroy us, while they forget that technology is just a tool, a servant, invented by us and implemented by us; and if it has done something wrong, it is human that should be to blame. Why turn angry at the scapegoat, technology? The illusion on wars has cheated us and confused us, so that it takes the place of facts, then how could we progress if we go on coax ourselves? If someone thinks that to stop the advancement of technology is enough, that idea seems too childish and naive. It is time to wake up and have a retrospect/review on ourselves.

Actually, we, human can render technology work for us, which has made modern world today. To go on with the example of atomic energy. After we have seen how powerful the atomic energy, for a better use of such power, many nuclear power stations are built to provide electric power. The advantage of such energy enables us to save lots of natural resources as well as satisfy needs at a low cost. From the nuclear bomb to the nuclear power station, it is nearly the same technology, but with huge difference in the result. How come? The answer is that we are the commanders and it...

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