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The sale department recognizes that a way to achieve the company objectives is attaining a high performance from its workforce, so ̈to manage and motivate employees to strive for it -high performance- , the right competencies, incentives, and work practices must be in placë (Cascio, 2005). Under this context, the Sales HR Planning is based in make a carefully analysis regarding the people and job-related issues. The steps to carry out the Sales HR Planning are: * Conducting a job analysis to identify IsSummary of Salesperson position: The ideal salesperson will develops and implements a sales process to include initial contact, follow up, presentation and closing procedures. Maintain records of contacts and sales status including contact reports, sales projections and quota ratios. Duties 1. Produce leads, introduces the company's services, close sales, and conduct follow-ups with potential and former clients. 2. Display knowledge of InterClean Inc. products and services and be able to assess the client’s needs. Up-sale other products and services. 3. Stay current on... GET BETTER GRADES the requirements and specifications in a job. * Inventorying the talent within the current sales team. * Identifying the necessary positions and number of people to do the job. * Establishing a strategic plan, this mean, recruiting, selecting, training and developing, appraising, compensating, or scheduling the labor force. By doing these steps, the Sales department will be able to: * Place the best-suited human resource within the sales team. * Establish the best sales practices to achieve the sales department objectives. * Giving a respond -in numbers and available talent- to futures changes or new demand-. . Conducting the Job Analysis. Although the actual sales job requirements maybe are a good source for multiples
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