Not My Mother's Old Age Essay

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Not My Mother’s Old Age As the daughters of the feminist revolution of the 70’s grow up, they push the boundaries of what women can achieve at every age. Vitality and sexuality are not only the property of young women in their 20’s. Women over 40 are still considered vital, sexy and powerful. This isn’t your mother’s old age! My mother’s generation, The Greatest Generation, had different expectations for aging. Women married, had children, and then retired with their husbands. They had no expectation of excitement and vitality in their later years, those years were destined for quieter expectations. As the baby boomers age, and age well, they have set new standards of beauty and what it means to be “old” in our culture. When you look at the most influential women in the music industry, the majority of them are over 40. Of course influence does come with longevity, but how many of the young stars of today will still be viable stars 20 years from now? For example, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson and Celine Dion sell incredible numbers of records and concerts, and are all over 40! Valerie Bertinelli appeared on the cover of People magazine in her bikini at the age of 50. N Helen Mirren at the age of 63 has become a bikini-wearing sex symbol. What has caused this phenomenon? Modern medicine allows us to feel healthy and vital much longer in our lives. The increased divorce rate finds women suddenly single and re-evaluating their looks and lives. Women have increasing emotional and financial control over their lives and have the funds to take care of themselves. Women are not looking for someone to take care of them, rather someone to share live with. Young girls are now being raised with the expectation of having their own careers, money and goals. I was not raised with the expectation of having to support my family,

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