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Good afternoon my fellow students and teacher(s). Our understanding of ourselves and our world can be challenged by powerful images introduced in distinctly visual texts, however the images themselves may be meaningless if not supported by the ideas behind them – the combination of the strong images supported by simple - or complex - ideas are what make the images powerful and possible to provoke our thinking. This is heavily evident in both the 1998 German crime thriller film ‘Run Lola Run’ directed & written by Tom Tykwer, along with one of my personal favourites; ‘The Matrix’; a 1999 American-Australian science fiction action film directed by The Wachowski Brothers. Through this, it is clear that film as a text type gives an author specific ability to enhance their ideas and themes through a range of visual techniques - whether the film be set in 1998; depicting a fiery German woman on a desperate dash to save the life of her lover, or over 200 years later; showing the human race ensnared in a digital prison. Tykwer has created a distinctively visual text in ‘Run Lola Run’ through the use of a non-linear narrative structure of the film, along with the film being played in ‘real-time’ – 20 minutes within the narrative equates to 20 minutes viewing time. The traditional structure of film has been altered in order to communicate the role of chance in one’s life. This is evident in the three separate narratives, or ‘runs’, which convey the differing outcomes that exist due to Lola’s actions in time and location. Each time, a slight change in the path along Lola’s run causes a significant change in the final outcome, suggesting to the audience the importance of every moment and decision in time. For example, there are remarkably different futures for each of the persons she encounters. We see these scenarios of various characters in fleeting flash-forward cuts.

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