Not Jus Sports Fans Essay

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Never Just Fans Everyone knows that there is no such thing as being “just a sports fan “; they can’t be just fans. That phrase does not exist with people in the sports world. If a person was to sit in a sports bar or an arena they will be able to see the types of fans every sport has .Sports fans can be broken down into three different categories. First of all there are the “die-hard” fans; they are all about their team. Secondly “casual” fans, the normal people. Lastly, the bottom of the barrel, the “band-wagon” fans the people who jump from winning team to winning team. As people can see there is no such thing as just sports fans there are the die-hards, the casuals, and the band-wagons. The first type of sports fan is a die-hard fan, they are at the top of the sports ladder. They are the kings of the sports jungle. These people tend to paint their faces and body all the time. These fans can typically be spotted across the stadium parking lot. They are the ones with their enormous family taking two rows of seats. Most often these fans can name the entire roster not only from the current season, but from seasons past. They do not only have one jersey to represent their team, they have many. Their immense memorably collection is jaw dropping. It would make a person wonder exactly how much time does this fan take to collect these items. These fans tend to be the loudest, the craziest, and the most enthusiastic of all the fans. If someone was to quiz them on their team there it would be impossible for them to get a question wrong. These are the fans that people look at and are astonished with all that they know. Die-hard fans are no joke. The next kind of fan is casual fans; they are in the middle of the sports ladder. These sports fans are much different from the die-hard fans. Casual fans know what is going on with their from time to time during a game. They

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