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Brittany Smith English 80 15 June 2011 Not Enough Time Working, being a single mom, and meeting people’s demands make it hard for me to do well in school. I wake up in the morning at exactly 8am, and the first thing I do is give my son a cup of warm milk. Then I pick out what we have to wear for today. Second wash us both up, get dressed, grab something to eat and then get ready to either drop my son off or the baby sitter is already at my house. Last thing to do before I head to school is pick up my brother and his girlfriend because they also attend this school. They live way out the area and I only live around the corner from the school. Now we’re on our way to school and heading to class which starts at 10:30am; my class is about 1 hour and 30 minutes long. When school finally over at 12:15pm or sooner I have to wait for my brother’s girlfriend, her class is over at 12:30. I go drop her off, after doing that I head home to check on my son and grab something to eat. After munching down i have to go pick my brother up from school, he expects me to pick him up from the school every day at 2pm and drop him off at the same place where I dropped his girlfriend off at. Sometimes he tries to make extra stops in between of dropping him off. I also work, around 4pm until 11 or 12 every night. So when I’m not working I get home around 9 or 10 pm that night because of family and friends that call my phone and asking me if I can make runs for them also. And by then it’s time to cook, clean, and put my son to bed. So now it’s off to bed I go and start all over again tomorrow. So down the line I ended up changing my plans on how I drop them off; I cut off the extra stops in between rides. When I did that my brother and his girlfriend ended up finding other rides that can pick them up so that they can basically to do things the way they wanted to do. And on days when

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