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During the silent film era, Nosferatu relies on visual images rather than dialogue. It remains as a classic horror film by overcoming the silence. Fear is driven into views hearts when they see Count Orlock’s thin tall body, unusually high shoulders, misshapen bald head, bent nose, pointy ears, rat like teeth and extremely long a and sharp nails. Through the use of costume and props, the horror comes to life striking fear to everyone. Also in modern horror movies there are scenes where you only see the villain’s shadow, slowly stalking his prey and going in for the kill. Here we see Count Orlock’s shadow a couple of times. First we see him going into Hutter room in the castle with his long sharp nails in front sucking his blood. Next we see him walking towards hutter’s wife bedroom. The use of shadows creates suspense in the film, even without sound or dialogue we can still experience fear and anxiety in this film. Nosferatu was made in the 1921 and back then they had no modern technology like we do now. Special effects that surprised me is when Count Orlock was at the bottom of the ship, he magically rises vertically without moving his limbs or body. This shows that Count Orlock is truly a horror of the night with magical powers. Count Orlock is made more fearsome and mysterious is when he can turn transparent like a hallucination and float upon his coffin or go through solid walls. Another clever but simple special effect is stop-action photography. This appears to make doors and coffins open by themselves or rather moved by Count Orlock from far away. Also fast forwarding was used to make the carts and transport go faster so the suspense isn’t lost and make the film

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