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Music is a storyteller. It can tell happy and sad stories. It is a fundamental trigger in memories. The song "Norwegian Wood", by The Beatles, is about a sweet love that is lost. It tells about patience, loss, and remembrance. The song explains a story about the relationship of a boy and a girl and of how the girl leaves him for some unknown place. Toru Watanabe, from Haruki Murakami's novel, Norwegian Wood, is reminded of a story from his past by listening to this song; it is a story of a person from his past, Naoko, and the love and patience he held for her. The lives of Toru and Naoko follow this song. As well as bending to the words of "Norwegian Wood," they each listen to their own music which helps them to personify themselves further and figure out who they are. The song "Norwegian Wood" tells the basic story of Toru and Naoko. The opening line tells of their relationship: "I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me." (Norwegian Wood line 1) Toru never really had Naoko. He was always chasing her, trying to connect to her. Toru loved Naoko, but she never loved him back, "The thought fills me with an almost unbearable sorrow. Because Naoko never loved me." (Murakami 10) On the night of her 20th birthday, Toru offered to leave but Naoko just kept talking, so he stayed and drank some more wine, "I sat on her rug, biding my time, drinking her wine." (NW line 5). Later in the night, the couple go to bed "we talked until two and then she said it's time for bed." (NW line 6). Toru leaves the following morning and when he tries to contact Naoko later, she has left the apartment without leaving Toru a word, "I was alone, this bird had flown." (NW line 9). There is a huge connection between the lyrics and the night of Naoko's birthday, but there is also a deeper, darker association to do with Naoko's interpretation of the song. Naoko's different

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