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CASE STUDY: Norwegian Salmon Processing Facility, Trondheim PRODUMA - TAOC Group No.1 Leader: Ma. Ashley A. Ramos Members: Jomari Alovera Ian Anthony Tan Ezekiel De Leon Martin Bendigo Date/Time Submitted Oct. 2, 2012 INTRODUCTION * RATIONALE The group was assigned to find out the productivity of the Norwegian Salmon Processing Facility in Trondheim if they would undergo a plant modernization, upgrading of their equipments. They should also be able to know of how a plant modernization would be able to help the Norwegian Salmon Processing Facility in Trondheim. The group is to determine if cost would be related to productivity. They should be able to point out the importance of productivity in the plant. The case study will show how the Norwegian Salmon Processing Facility in Trondheim increase the plant’s output while lowering energy costs. * BACKGROUND ”Norwegian salmon” is probably Norway’s best-known export product. It is the main driving force behind the development within the Norwegian aquaculture industry. The value of exported fish and fish products from Norway was about 32 billion NOK in 2005, representing the third largest export category in Norway that year. The export value of aquacultured salmonids accounts for approximately 50 per cent of this total. The last 20 years, Norway has increased its market share significantly in relation to the total supply of salmon worldwide. Since the early 1970’s production of farmed fish has doubled every three years (Berge 2000). In Norway about 40.000 people are engaged in fishing, fish processing and fish export. The number of employees in producing and delivering equipment and services to the fishing industry sums up to 45.000, with an additional 20.000 serving the aquaculture industry. All in all

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