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NORTON SIMON MUSEUM Last Sunday, I went to field trip to the Norton Simon Museum. It is my first visit museum in The U.S., so I expected. I took my friend’s car, so it was very comfortable. When we arrived at NSM, teacher and classmates arrived at there also. The museum was very quietly, simply, and nice. Firstly, I went to the lower level. There was The South Asian collection. When I was in my country, I saw that several times, but when I saw again in here, it was very newly. It is very similar to that, before I saw, but I thought it had western faces. That is little bit funny. However I did not like stone images or Buddhist art, so I did not impressed from that. Secondly, I went to the main level to 14th-16th centuries collection. I thought it showed about Rome Catholic. I did not like religious art or something that, but left a religious sight, works were very beautiful themselves. Color, soft line, and described people are very beautiful. Thirdly, I went to the 17th-18th centuries collection. They showed very realistic and details. It was very sensitive and romantic.…show more content…
There were a lot of impressionism artists, who I knew such as Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Claude-Oscar Monet, and Auguste Rodin and their works, which were very famous. Among others I liked Degas’ works, because he drew very girlish and romantic at least in my eyesight. Especially, there are 4 works, which described dancer, appealed to me. This work name is Dancers in the Rotunda at the Paris Opera, 1895, Edgar Degas. It is attractive to me. Perhaps, when I was child, I want to learn ballet, so this work appealed to me. And I liked Gogh’s works. The meantime, when I saw Gogh’s works, I thought that Gogh is genius, how to thought his own strong brush printing, color, shape. However, I realized that almost Gogh’s works showed his metal condition. His life was very painful. After I realized, his works are very sad and more

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