Northern Ireland Essay

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Controlled assessment – Ireland Difference between nationalist/unionists Nationalists | Unionists | Most of them are catholic | Most of them are protestant | See themselves Irish not British | They believe that union with great Britain is a good thing | Many modern nationalists prefer to remain part of great Britain | There generally stronger in the east of Northern Ireland | The main parties or the SDLP and the SINN FEIN however not all nationalists agree upon how their aims should be achieved | The ULSTER PARTY is the main representing Unionists views. It’s the biggest single party in Northern Ireland | The SDLP is totally committed to the democratic peaceful methods but the SINN FEIN is closely associated with the Irish army (IRA) | The main paramilitary groups are the UDA and the UVF. There are other groups such as the UFF who use violence to achieve their goals | Another important organisation is the ancient order of Hibernians. This is an catholic community and social organisations which organises parades and charitable work | Another important group is the LOYA order a protestant organisations lodges. | Ireland in the 16th and 17th centuries Factors: Religion- from middle ages Ireland was in theory governed by English monarch. In the 16th and 17th centuries there were major conflicts between Irish lords and English monarchs trying to gain more control of Ireland, England’s fear of catholic’s enemies in Europe- throughout Europe in early 16th century arguments broke out between catholic churches and Protestants. Protestants said that the church was corrupt and out of the act with ordinary peoples lives. Protestants killed in catholic countries write in other which states whose governments had accepted protestant teaching. Many Catholics suffered the same fate. Full scale war was happening around Europe for the next to

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