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Northern Ireland Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom along with England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland is also called Ulster and only around 1.6 million people live in Northern Ireland. The capital and also the biggest city in Ulster is Belfast. In the country the people are divided into two groups, who often live pretty different. The two groups are Catholics and Protestants. The militant Catholics are called Republicans and are fighting to be a part of the Republic of Ireland, while the militant Protestants are called Loyalists and are loyal to the United Kingdom. The Catholics are therefore also called nationalists, while Protestants also are called unionists. Northern Ireland is especially known for the sectarian conflict, also known as “The Troubles”. The Troubles started in the late 1960s, where the Catholics were not treated very fairly. This led to some fight for their rights, which some Protestants did not like. This turned into rioting. As a part of the conflict there were several paramilitary organisations. The violence was particularly ruled by the paramilitary organisations. The largest Republican paramilitary organisation is called the IRA, which stands for the Irish Republican Army. The IRA wants to protect the Catholics. They have killed close to two thousand people, but four hundred of these were Catholics. The Loyalist paramilitaries have also killed lots of people, including lots of their own people. On 30th January 1972 about 10.000 people participated in a demonstration in Londonderry. Riots between the Protestants and the Catholics broke out. British soldiers killed 13 unarmed demonstrators. This day was later called “Bloody Sunday”. U2 have for instance written a song about “Bloody Sunday”, which is about that you wish “Bloody Sunday” never was happened, but also about death and destructions. In order to

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