North Vs South Essay

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Though this country is seen as if it was united in reality, it truly wasn’t. This country was divided into two different regions. The North and the South are very distinct regions that nearly split this country in two. There are many differences between the two regions which made them basically split in two. Such differences include the geography, climate, economy, society, and transportation. The South’s climate is generally warm and sunny, with long, hot humid summers, and mild winters and heavy rainfall. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. IT has many broad, slow, navigable rivers. Atlantic Coastal swamps, and to the west is the Piedmont region. In contrast, the North’s climate is warm summers, and snowy cold winters. It has rocky hilly terrain which is not good for farming. It has fast shallow rivers making it hard to navigate. The South’s economy is composed of agriculture; such as corn, tobacco, rice, sugar cane, indigo, and cotton. Alternatively, The North’s economy is composed of manufactured textiles; these industries include shipping, textiles, lumber, furs, and mining. The North’s society was mainly Protestant believers. The villages became strong centers of community activities. Both religion and education were organized institutes in this region. Most towns had schools and churches. The South had a population which was made up of Europeans which were mostly English and Scottish-Irish descent, and enslaved Africans. Life in the South revolved around the small, wealthy class of planters and the agricultural system they controlled. Due to the North being a manufacturing region; they had a huge advantage in transportation. By 1860 there were over 88,000 miles of service roads in that part of the region which allowed faster transportation. By 1850 30,000 miles of railroad tracks connected distinct parts of the United States. The

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