North Korean Human Rights Violations Essay

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Kim Jong II is the dictator of a complete totalitarian government, or in other words, a government/political system where the state does not recognize any limits to its authority and power and which strives to regulate every aspect in the lives of its populace. Human Rights Watch, a non-governmental organization committed to protecting, researching, and advocating the human rights of people around the world have quoted the North Korean government as “One of the most closed and repressive governments in the world” and as well as a “Human rights hell on earth.” Kim Jong Il ruled, and stayed and power by the use of fear that was generated by the human rights violations which all fall under the same motive, superior governmental control. (“North”) In the 1950’s, as part of Kim Jong Il’s attempt to eliminate any form of opposition to the government, a type social class system known as loyalty groups was established. These groups dictated an individual’s class and privileges by classifying individuals according to their national allegiance, ancestral actions, and their family actions during the modern time. These groups were mainly based upon an individual’s loyalty to the government and obedience to the “Dear Leader”, as the North Korean citizens were forced to call Kim Jong Il. There three main groups are , the “Core”, the “Wavering”, and the “Hostile”. The “Core” was the class in which most of the wealth was concentrated on were deemed to be most loyal to the government, the “Wavering” contained most poverty or “middle to low” classes, and finally the lowest class of the three, the “Hostile”. This class consisted of people of minority faiths and people, or relatives of people who were illogically considered disloyal and disobedient to the government or in terms of North Korean authorities, “enemies” of state. Many times, the people in the Hostile class were rejected

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