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Alex from “North End Faust” by Ed Kleinman and the women from the article “Childhood Memories We Can’t Erase” by Robin Westen all have one very important similarity; they all have a specific childhood memory that has affected them in their adult lives. Not all of these experiences are bad but there is always a way to overcome them and make life better because of them. It is very important to overcome any negative experiences in childhood. If you don’t it is dangerous to your well being. The first woman I would like to compare Alex to is Robin Westen, Robin had a bad experience in her childhood that made her nervous and afraid to dress up for an important event. This greatly affects her adult life. Likewise, Alex became obsessed with isolation and he distanced himself from everyone, which affected his life immensely. The difference between Robin and Alex is that Robin went to her mother and talked her problem out, and she was better because of it. Alex didn’t talk to anyone. He didn’t even try to, so he couldn’t get better. If he had talked to someone about his experience then he may not have ended up like he did. The second woman I would like to compare Alex to is Lee Kaufman. Lee also had a negative experience in her childhood, but she did something Alex didn’t. She used her experience to make it better. Lee's teasing about her weight as a child caused her to have a great amount of determination and self control. Alex did appear to use his experience in the closet for the better but he didn’t, he became obsessed by it. Another woman I would like to compare Alex to is Erin Tadd. Erin had a bad experience in her childhood about her singing voice. Alex and Erin have something in common; they have both let their experiences influence their lives. For example, Erin won't sing anymore and Alex killed himself because of his experience. The biggest difference between

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