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The Village of North Conway “The wilderness is near as well as dear to every man. Even the oldest villages are indebted to the border of wild wood which surrounds them, more than to the gardens of men” said by the famous Henry David Thoreau in 1906 describing the bungalows and villages along the way up the Merrimack River. I find his writing interesting and true, and his quote of course captures what I believe to be nature and the wild nestled in a town by the name of North Conway, a heavenly and popular town, known for its outdoor festivities and outlets in the beautiful Carroll County in the mountainous Washington national forest. The town is always alive and full of energy, from the cold frozen over winter months to the sometimes sweltering heat of the summer time, there is always something going on. Then again North Conway is the largish village in the town of Conway, which is nestled in the glorious basin of MT Washington to the west and Merriman forest towards Maine to the East. There are several key locations that are stunning with natural beauty, Cathedral ledge for a start, a climbing, hiking ledge over viewing the Mount Washington valley, quiet a view to conceive. Mount Cranmore, Wildcat and King Pine ski resorts are located within the area for brisk winter sports or enjoyable fall hikes. North Conway is home to the Boston and Maine railway junction where in the past snow trains as they were called brought enthusiasts of a new sport where you slide down the mountain on what could be only described as skinny pieces of long planks, like tooth picks strapped to the persons feet. Their destination, the basin where later on ski resorts where official formed and got the name the Birth place of American skiing. In time many things changed, the automobile altered the way people traveled which led to closers and abandonment. Like the plague came in and

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