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North And South Korea Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on March 6, 2012
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ong Suraj Sharma

North and South Korea are located on a peninsula and even though they may border each other and had been a together before their split. Over the years they grown variously grown apart from each other and that is not good. With this being so I think it would be highly impossible for North Korea to ever in the future to reunify with South Korea. That is because with the fact that over generations North Korea hasn’t really learned about the outside world it would be difficult for them to adapt and easily communicate with others. They would have difficult time adapting to the new types of technology and since the people of North Korea have been so brain washed they would find it vastly difficult to learn and acquire basic knowledge on thing.
While on the other hand the people of South Korea would also go through difficulty adapting to the people of North Korea and their beliefs and it would become hard for them. This reunification will become hard for them because since North Korea is so poor the government and people of South Korea would go through difficulty. That is because taxes would have to be start being paid for north Korea, there would also need to be the currency balance where everything is regulated and even if the Koreas reunify.
There is also one more problem that becomes whereas North Koreans will able to get along with South Koreans. That is not only, but also many countries will be influenced. It would also be a repeat of Germany in the time period of 1990s. With the entire economic downpour, As for North Korea being one of the poorest countries in the world and South Korea being one of the flourishing economic countries in the top twenty.
With this being said I also want to state out the fact that china wants North Korea to stay a communist country just like them, so this way they won’t have all non-communist countries bordering them. As well as they also receive business from North Korea and I would they would be likely to...

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