North American Imperialism Essay

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Imperialism 101 1. “The preponderant thrust of the European, North American, and Japanese imperial powers has been directed against Africa, Asia, and Latin America. By the nineteenth century, they saw the Third World as not only a source of raw materials and slaves but a market for manufactured goods. By the twentieth century, the industrial nations were exporting not only goods but capital, in the form of machinery, technology, investments, and loans. To say that we have entered the stage of capital export and investment is not to imply that the plunder of natural resources has ceased. If anything, the despoliation has accelerated.” I chose this paragraph because it stood out with so much sadness to me. How could our country thrive on innocent people that need our help? Instead of our country trying to help them build a…show more content…
“People everywhere mourned the death of this man who had earned a reputation as defender of the poor and defenseless, and they clamored for Washington to open investigation into the CIA activities. However, this was not about to happen. There were men who hated Torrijos, and the list included people with immense power. From what I heard, he was considered a liability by President Reagan, Vice President Bush, Secretary of Defense Weinberger, and the Joint Chief of Staff, as well as by the CEOs of many powerful corporation.” Pg. 187 The fact that this man, a man of integrity and heart died because he didn’t fallow America’s way of business is distressing. This man’s whole goal was to help the people in need in his land, and America hated that. Because he refused to bow down to America our presidents thought he was a liability and he lost his life. How can we as Americans not feel like we are the world’s whole issue? We are the reason our world is crashing right before our eyes. How can people kill one another just to get something out of it? We as Americans need to raise awareness and help make a
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