North American Civilization Essay

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North American civilization Native American women gathered plants and seeds, made baskets, and cooked meals while the men hunted. They hunted deer, elk, moose, bear, and caribou; they even speared for fish. The leaders would assign families to specific territories to hunt. When they came back they would divide the meat among the whole band. According to the Axia College Week One reading The creation of a new America (2009), “While men dominated Indian bands based on hunting, women assumed more influence in societies that relied for part of their food on settled agriculture” (p. 13). Women owned the fields, the crops, their dwellings, and even the tools. These people had strong religious beliefs. Each family had a totem, which represented a particular animal from which they claimed to have descended from. On the Diego Gutierrez map, the Native Americans are presented on the eastern coast of South America. Some appear to be wearing loin cloths and others appear to be naked. Three men are carrying bows and arrows and one carrying a spear. One man appears to be skinning an animal. Two people look like they are holding something over a fire, maybe a pot of water. The other two look like they are holding the meat on a stick over another fire. The maps indication of where the Native Americans lived would strengthen the European claims of sovereignty. By knowing where the Native Americans where, it would help the Europeans conquer the area much easier. It would really help if the Europeans wanted to have a surprise attack on the Native Americans. The French and Spanish coats of arms in the upper-left-hand corner of the Gutierrez map indicate the treaties of Cateau Cambresis signed between Spain and France and France and England in 1559, which brought peace to Europe. The Portuguese coat of arms in the lower-right-hand corner of the Gutierrez map

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