North America Research Paper

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North America has been the most successful realm we know today. They have been the number one realm based on technology, history, and resources. There is only one realm that I think could overtake North America. That would be Europe. Europe has been the one realm that has been almost a duplicate of North America. Europe has most of the things North America has to offer today. Europe has many resources that could help them flourish overtime. For example their waterways such as channels, bays, and straits allow them to trade all of their goods that they produce. Europe has the best location advantages. It is known to be in the heart of the land hemisphere. Meaning each of the waterways they have lead up to new realms. Europe cans easily import…show more content…
Europe has some of the most famous researchers. Europe is known for being very educated in the fields of Mathematics, chemistry and Engineering. Their technology is on the rise giving them the time to eventually overcome North America. Some special technology they have is Navigation systems. Europe is now the largest market in technology. Navigation devices have grown in the last three years driven by advertisement and etc. Approximately 11 million devices were shipped from Europe in one year to North America. That made an increase in the economy. Europe’s has a very historical past that made them into the realm they are today. It started out in the 15th century. Europeans have dominated and ruled a huge proportion of the earth, and the effects of these empires are still felt today. in 1789 the French revolution had a big impact on France and the rest of Europe. The French revolution brought a series of wars forcing France to change its government and military starting off a modern era. In the 18th century, scientific and technological changes began to drastically change the world. Europe started to create factories to help reshape and build their economy. Also in the 18th century was the Enlightenment of Europe. This helps advance knowledge and reform the society. Helping Europe becoming what it is today, one of the top Realms of the
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