North America Colonial Project Essay

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------------------------------------------------- University of Phoenix Material North American Colonies Project Part 1: Native American Resources Access and review the Early Native Peoples interactive map link available through the HIS 110 page. Study the map identifying the regional distribution of Native Americans (also located in Ch. 1). Using the grid, identify the seven regions. Then indicate how each of the native tribes within the regions supported themselves prior to the arrival of European civilizations. Region: | Principle Basis of Subsistence: | Africa | Commercial contact with the Mediterranean world trading ivory, gold, and slaves for finished goods. | North America | Hunting, Gathering and fishing, fished and hunted seals, farming | South America | The south supported themselves by large games and hunting | ASIA | Hunting, and trading | Europe | Trading, hunting | Oceania | Fishing and gathering | Polar Regions | Fishing, hunting | Part 2: Contributions Grid Complete the Contributions Grid by describing the contributions of the three groups of peoples, Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans, to the creation of the British North American Colonies. List the aspects of each of these peoples—Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans—that contributed to the development of the British Colonies. | NATIVE AMERICANS: | EUROPEAN | AFRICANS | Economic Structure | Economically they provided all of the land the all American countries are located within. | Created Centralized nation states, with national courts, national armies, and perhaps most important national tax systems. | They provided the labor necessary to build the nation. | Political Structure | | Politically they setup the countries laws etc., based on French and British legal systems with influences from the Native Americans. | | Social System | |

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