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The Normandy Invasions The Normandy Invasions, which are also known as Operation Overlord, started on June 6, 1944. This very day is also known as D-Day. It marks the start of the Allied invasions of US, British, and Canadian forces on five different beachheads in Normandy, France. The first landing were airborne landings. The purpose of the British and American airborne landings was to seize key objectives and expand the area of the beachhead. A short while after midnight on D-Day morning, the British 6th Airborne Division was able to seize bridges and silence artillery pieces on Sword Beach. These acts were able to aid seaborne landing forces. At 07:30, the first units reached the beach. They’re were some light casualties and the British infantry advanced about 5 miles inland but weren’t successful to make some of their targets. Gold Beach was also assaulted on D-Day. This area was to be invaded by the British 50th Infantry Division. The start of the first wave was delayed due to the postponement of the swimming Sherman DD Tanks. Another issue was that the Germans had secured a village on the beach. These obstacles, however, were faced with bravery and consistency, allowing them to penetrate 6 miles inland. The 50th Infantry’s goals were tocut the Caen-Bayeux highway, take the small port of Arromanches, link up with the Americans from Omaha Beach , and link up with the Canadians from Juno Beach. It wasn’t able to reach all of its goals but aside from the invasion of Juno Beach, it was the most successful at accomplishing its objectives. The most successful beachhead that was assaulted was Juno Beach. The first wave took place at 07:55 hours. It was delayed from when they originally planned to invade the area. This presented the Canadian 3rd Infantry Divisions with a difficult situation. Also, they faced a large seawall, machine guns, 155mm and 75mm

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