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How do Benjamin Zephaniah and Richard Conlon write about the changes in the character of Martin to help the reader think about the themes of prejudice and coping with change in “Face- the play”? “I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful.” This quote from the play Face illustrates that the main character Martin has accepted that he has a facial disfigurement and also gained a lot of confidence in a time he needed it most. I will be writing about Face the play which was written by Benjamin Zephaniah and Richard Conlon. I will be writing about how the playwrights use the main character, Martin to help the audience learn about coping with change and prejudice. Also the play deals with traumatic incidents. The story takes place mainly in the east end of London in the present day. At the beginning of the play we can learn that Martin has been involved in a severe accident, consequence being that now he has a facial disfigurement, all because of a night out where things situations got out of hand. Martin decided to get into a car with one of his friends, that had been drinking, also the possibility of drug taking. “Its top quality stuff, guy! Check it out ... it will make you smile into next week.” The pusher tells Martin as well as trying to deal him some. The main part of the story line is when Martin has made a full recovery despite his face and is distributed from the hospital. Martin is in a relationship and is worried how his girlfriend, Natalie is going to cope with the change. He doesn’t want to rush back into his life when he gets home but he knows that he and his life will not be the same again. “I thought perhaps we should talk about what you want to do about returning.” Says Martins Form tutor who turned up on his doorstep. He finds it “almost sweet” how he actually wanted to say needed the rest of the term

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