Norman Bethune, Greatest Canadian

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Norman Bethune, Greatest Canadian Norman Bethune deserves to be on the Canadian Walk of Fame for all his courageous and compelling achievements. His work modernized battlefield medicine in not just Canada but around the world. In fact, Treasury Board President Tony Clement said: “When Chinese schoolchildren are taught about the value of helping humanity, the story they are told is the Norman Bethune story.” (Pagliaro). Hence, Norman Bethune more than merits to be on the Canadian Walk of Fame for his mobile blood bank, the invention and redesign of 12 new medical instruments, as well as organizing the Canadian-American Mobile Medical Unit. Dr. Bethune brought recognition and change to Canada through his advancements and dedication in medicine. Specifically, during the Spanish Civil War in 1936, he organized a mobile blood bank to be setup on the front lines of the war. Soon after, Bethune and his team were completing over 1000 blood transfusions a day. “His mobile blood bank is considered the greatest medical innovation from the war.” ( In essence, the mobile blood bank revolutionized medicine and brought recognition to Canada by providing a more immediate and accessible help to the wounded. Moreover, Bethune made advancements in medicine, more specifically surgery, when he brought 12 new and remodeled medical instruments to the table. They proved to be very useful in completing more advanced surgery not only back then but also today, notably, the Scapula lifter and retractor instrument. One of Norman Bethune’s most influential achievements was his work in China. In 1938, Bethune saw another cause to embrace when Japan invaded China. He prepared a medical team well known as the Canadian-American Mobile Medical Unit and headed off to the war. He used his knowledge to become a very renowned surgeon treating the wounded and teaching his techniques

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