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“Ok, be at the hospital tonight. It is time to get the baby out,” the Doctor said in a confident voice as he walked into the room. Doctor Lee explained to us that because Lindsey was one week past her due date, he was going to induce her labor. “This is a normal procedure that we do all the time “he explained. “There is absolutely nothing to worry yourselves about.” After the conclusion of the appointment we headed home. I could not stop thinking that normal is a woman going into labor, not being induced. How would I know anyway, I have never done this before. Around 9 pm, Lindsey and I got to Floyd hospital after spending most of the day with family and enjoying our last day being kid free. As we were walking down the long, empty hall I couldn’t help but notice how quiet it was. No noise at all except for the occasional beeping coming from the machines in the other rooms. Finally after walking for what seemed like a mile we got to the labor and delivery unit on the second floor where a nurse ushered us into our room. After we got settled in Lindsey got up on the tall bed. The nurse began to explain while hooking Lindsey up to the machines, that the medication works differently in each person and it normally takes 24 hours to work. Furthermore, she told us to not be expecting a baby anytime soon. We finally got somewhat relaxed and fell asleep around 12 am. All of the sudden I was awoke by a loud constant beeping coming for the machine that Lindsey was hooked up to. I looked at the clock it was 4:14 am. Nurses began to run into the room turning Lindsey from side to side. They were telling each other stuff and talking very fast. i could tell by their voice that something was wrong. “I cannot find a heartbeat,” one of the nurses kept repeating. I got cold chills down my spine. I knew this was not the normal that everyone was telling us. After what seemed like

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