Norm Violation Essay

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Norm Violation The social norm that I chose to violate was to go into Wal-mart and instead of waiting in line I would cut in front of people at the self checkout. I would tell them that I had less items and asked if I could get in front of them. In normality a person will wait in line and regardless of how many items a person has it is the norm that whoever gets there first gets that spot in line. The reason I choose to violate this particular social norm was because I know how I would feel if someone did this and I was curious as to what would happen. I decided to enact my plan at wal-mart in Fort-Wayne, a different city than where I live. I picked this location because there was less of a chance that I would know someone there and ask me questions about my actions that a stranger wouldn’t. This way I could get the observations needed. Also, I know that Fort Wayne wal-mart usually has many people at all times which would give me ample opportunity to observe several different people. Before I began my experiment, I felt nervous and a bit antsy. I picked up a few items ( less than 10), and waited until all checkout where full to make my move. I selected a single female,who looked to be around 30, to begin my experiment with. As I approached her, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable. After I approached and said, “could I just check out real quick, I don’t have many items”,my discomfort seemed to transfer to the woman I was getting in front of. She became fidgety and just looked away, as I didn’t give her a chance to respond before getting in front of her. Once I started checking out, she asked if I was in a hurry or something. Although I wanted to explain myself, I resisted and just said, “I don’t like to wait in line”. During my experiment, the woman I was observing became fidgety and avidly avoided eye contact. No one else had noticed what was going on because

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