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Author: B. Galindo Nordstrom: A Culture for the Customer Nordstrom was first founded as a small company in the year 1901 by John W. Nordstrom & Carl Wallin. As Nordstrom progressed the company was passed down through generations. It was very important to the company that it remain a family establishment. With a philosophy to offer the customer “the best possible service, selection, quality and value,” (Nordstrom, 2009) they developed a culture that focused on a family environment and meeting the customers every need. Nordstrom’s values & philosophy have become well known. They provide an extreme emphasis on customer satisfaction. Employees are known to go well out of their way to provide the best possible service, and they are recognized for their “heroic acts.” (Eastside Entrepreneurs, 2009) It is Nordstrom’s belief that their employees are like family and that they should be recognized and supported as family. Employees have been known to work after hours in order to wait for customers, they are known for making home deliveries and even making restaurant reservations for those customers coming in from out of town. Nordstrom is so focused on customer satisfaction that urban legends have become common. One legend states that after Nordstrom had acquired a new store from Northern Commercial Company, a customer who did not know that the company changed, brought a set of tires to exchange. Nordstrom decided to make the exchange even though they did not sell tires, because they believed that it was not the customer’s fault that they did not know the company changed. (Wikipedia, n.d.) Communications play a large role in their organizational culture. There is a saying “each one teach one” (The Great Place to Work Institute, 2009) that Nordstrom emphasizes. They believe that each

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