NoraS Life After Leaving Home Essay

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Nora’s Life after Leaving Home A Doll’s house shows us the sudden spiritual awakening of a young woman who refuses to go on being a plaything to her husband. Nora, the woman protagonist, slams the door of the doll house being her back, she sees through her husband’s hypocrisy and is determined to go out into the real society to educate herself. At the end of the drama A Doll’s House, Nora slams the door shut. It means that she chooses to leave her home, her husband, her married life, even her children. Then we will come across a question—whether Nora would lead a good life or not after her leaving? Some views assume that it will be a tragedy. But Nora can lead a better life according to her personality and growing maturity in her married life. Some critics think that Nora slams the door of the doll’s house behind her back and goes out to learn her lesson of independence. Yet this heroic action is inevitably a leap in dark. It gives her the freedom to become the woman she wants to be, but also turns her from a well-off housewife to a penniless, defenseless woman. Loss and catastrophe are always linked with hope and resurrection—the death of the doll with the awakening of the new woman who is to define her essential self with the newfound freedom. Liberation or freedom always carries with the unbearable isolation and loneliness. The life outside the doll’s house is unbearably dull and bitter. That is why Mrs Linde reenters the doll’s house. It seems that a doll’s house is better than the nothingness of the world outside it. Thus in a society which allows women to freedom outside family. Nora has no bright future within sight after the winning of freedom. In addition, her obtaining of freedom is that the lost of her separating from her children. In this sense, “Nora’s pursuit of self-realization ends disillusionment. That is also who Ibsen himself call this play

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