Norah Jones Song Essay - 'In The Morning'

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English Song Essay - Norah Jones 'In the Morning' Tunes, lyrics, poetic techniques and music are all very important components of popular songs (and unpopular songs). They can serve as evidence of people, places, things and attitudes in the past, present or future. The song “In the Morning” sang by Norah Jones and written by Adam Levy, provides many poetic techniques that poets use in their poems. This song uses many of these techniques including metaphors, similes, alliteration, moods and rhyme. These aspects are all very important in song lyrics for an artist to deliver a meaning from a song. This essay will discuss the reader’s responses to this song and show understanding of the poetic techniques and some of their more complex, in-depth meanings that this song communicates. When I first listened and read the lyrics to this song, I was surprised to see two different possible interpretations. I thought that this song was meant to be a double entendre! But as I read on further through the lyrics, I realised that this may just be my different interpretations. My first interpretation of the song was the obvious one, about the person expressing these words missing her lover and is longing for him to come back. I find her to be in this song emotionally scarred, deeply in love, lost, sad and helpless, on autopilot with no sense of direction in her life. This interpretation caters for all of these aspects of the song and fits in with all of the words and meanings. My second interpretation of the song is an interesting one. I thought that this song may have been about this person craving coffee all the time. She is addicted to coffee and cannot live without it and is trying to give up drinking it. This interpretation fits in with the rest of the lyrics if you have the certain interpretation of coffee in your mind. Some of the lines in the song do not make a lot of

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