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PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT ADVICE AND GUIDANCE FOR LINE MANAGERS 2012-13 New Standards for Teachers NB From September 2012 new Standards for Teachers come into force, which replace the Professional Standards for Teachers which have existed since 2007. *Teachers are to be judged by the definition of values and behaviours set out in the Preamble, the 8 Standards for Teaching set out in Part 1 and the standards of Personal and Professional Conduct set out in Part 2. These new standards replace both the standards for Qualified Teacher Status and the Core professional standards. These changes have implications for those involved in Initial Teacher Training (both trainees and assessors), NQTs and their mentors and all teachers and line managers whether they are at the beginning of their career, seeking application for threshold (UPS 1-3) or teachers with many years’ experience. In other words, NQTS are now subject to the same professional standards as colleagues with years of experience and expertise. Therefore, as line manager, it is very important that you read and make sure you understand the new standards and how they will affect your role of assessing the performance of the members of your team for whom you are responsible. You are also responsible for making sure that your team are aware of these new standards and their implications. A copy of these new standards can be downloaded from the Department for Education’s website or is available via the Training School link on Notrenet and then clicking on the NDHS Staff page link. Other support material, including this document, can be found in the same area on Notrenet. The new standards are not retrospective. If you have a member of your team who is eligible for threshold assessment (UPS 1, 2 or 3) this year, they will be judged on the former core standards, as well as the Post Threshold

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