Nonnative Species And Human Impacts Essay

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In this paper, there would be many points discussed on how harmful nonnative species impacts the environment. Knowing that direct and indirect impacts from eradication efforts. Also, how the species impact our crops, property and how it destroys it. Invasive species has a big focus on the work it does and how long it has been around in our area. This would include the organism, the environment, the invasive species, native species, and exotic species. First of all, I would talk about the invasive species in other words which would only be harmful non native species. “Many invasive species cause problems for native plants and while thinking about it the environment that the organism involves around their habitat changes. The invasive species are only exotic, alien species from a different continent. Although alien species sometimes find new environment a good help, but then, it becomes an invasive species that is thriving, always spreading out, and of course, cutting the amount of native species by predation or another challenge for room or hunger.” In today society, native plants and any wildlife environment in the United States has become the most problem they are facing right now. Native plants occur in North America before European settlement. However, exotic plants are not really found in North America or you may think it would be in a specific region, like North Carolina. But, in North Carolina, it has a lot of exotic plants around that area and other places that’s connected like Asia conditions and everything is alike with the climates. (Wright.R.T, Boorse.D.F. Environmental Science: Textbook. 142-144). As for some exotic plants they have been around for a long period of time. Some of these plants like Callery Bradford pear, Honeysuckle has become a common sight which we may think it is plants that are native plants it has been a great work for the

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