Nonlinguistic Strategies Essay

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Non-linguistic strategies As a teacher in a secondary government school, I made what it looks like an agreement with my students to save their time as well as mine. It includes some nonlinguistic strategies. How r u? ,,,,,, …these are international symbols are meaningful. An international language is being used and understood all over the world. Why do we not use such nonlinguistic symbols in our classrooms? They are effective, easy to use, students love them, save time and effort, and they break the routine of classroom daily language. In the book classroom Instruction that Works, we find that there are five recommendations for classroom practice with nonlinguistic representations. Teachers should provide opportunities for students to: *Use graphic organizers. *Make physical models or manipulatives. *Generate mental pictures. *Create pictures, illustrations, and pictographs. *Engage in kinesthetic activities.(Dean, Hubbell, Pitler, and Stone 2012 ) Now the questions might be asked: Have you used nonlinguistic strategies in your classroom? Can you share these experiences? I think we will benefit from each other experiences since they are coming from the field. Here are some tips for teaching using nonlinguistic representations I found in the book classroom Instruction that Works: 1. Model the use of the strategies for nonlinguistic representation through demonstrations and think-alouds. 2. Provide students with opportunities to practice each of the strategies with familiar information before they are expected to use the strategies with new material. This makes it possible for students to focus on the process and not worry about learning new content at the same time. 3. Provide variety of opportunities to use nonlinguistic representations as they learn new content. 4. Model how students can use more than one nonlinguistic representation

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