Noneimpoto Essay

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Lewis arrives at a burnt-out theatre along with Lucy and Nick, where Lewis has been hired to direct a play using people from a mental insitute Lewis is only really doing it for money Other characters are slowly introduced, Roy, Justin, Cherry, Ruth, Julie and Zac. They talk about what play they should do. Roy suggests Cosi Fan Tutte. We get to know some of the characters and that Ruth has an obsession for coffee. Scene 2 The group is auditioned on their singing skills for Così Fan Tutte. Roy takes charge, assigning roles. Lewis listens to the radio where an interview featuring Nick is being broadcast. Doug goes to the toilet and then later returns saying that it is on fire. Cherry suspect that Doug lit the fire. Scene 3 Justin returns because of the fire chaos. Justin sees this experiment as a failure and orders everyone to go back to their wards. Cherry pretends she lit the fire because she doesn't want the play to end. They resume practise. Tension begins to rise between Roy and Zac. There is a battle for Lewis between Cherry and Julie. Cherry and Doug also have tension. Scene 4 Doug gets admitted to a closed ward. Roy feels that Lewis has let everyone down. We get some backround information on Julies past. Cherry gets jealous over seeing Lewis and Julie together. Ruth is becoming more and more obsessive. Nick comes back and tries to be the leader. Henry stutters alot but confronts

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