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None Essay

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  • on May 30, 2011
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Instructions for Writing the Reflective Paper
During this course, you will study the psychology of adulthood. The primary textbook you will read for this class is about adult growth and development and planning your future. This paper asks you to reflect on your growth and development so far and your plans and dreams for the years to come. The topic of the paper should be your life story and your personal, professional, and academic future. The Reflective Paper should demonstrate your understanding of the reading assignments and your application of this new knowledge. You are asked to illustrate your story by using some of the theories from the textbooks. You will demonstrate your understanding of the theories by providing examples from your life or from situations you know. NOTE: Whenever you use ideas from an outside source, to avoid plagiarism, you must give credit to these sources in the text of the paper itself and in a reference page included with the paper. This course will give you the information you need to meet these requirements. We have provided you with a Sample Reflective Paper and an outline of how to create this paper so you will know what will be expected. You will begin writing in Week Two and will submit your paper in three steps. 1. The first step, or first section of your paper, will be submitted to your Teaching Assistant (TA) and feedback in Week Two. a. From Week Two, you will have the input of a Teaching Assistant and will have the opportunity to ask questions on the Teaching Assistant Discussion Forum. Many of the discussion forums in this class will also provide you an opportunity to create text that can be integrated into the final paper. 2. Step two will be submitted for review and feedback in Week Three. 3. Then your final, completed Reflective Paper will be submitted at the end of Week Five. a. During Week Five, you will combine the sections together for your final submission. Your final paper should be about four to five pages of...

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