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Having a home is a right or privilege? We all have the right to have a home when we were born. It is a right for children to have a house, because they don’t have any ability. Giving them a home is the parents’ responsibility. Once they growth up, they have the ability to earn money and take care of themselves. The having a home can still be a right for them. Having a home is a right if you have enough ability of random event, lock of income and individual factor are the three main points cause about it. Random events are the main cause about the right to having a home because random events limit human right. It decides how good or bad life for us will be before we can work hard. Good random events help you move closer to your dream than make have a home to become a right. For example, if you born in a wealthy family and they gave you either the house or money when you were born, you don’t have to work or have any ability. You can still have a home in a right because you still have enough money to pay for that house. Once you can pay for the house, then you have the right to live. However, for somebody who has the difficult random event, such as born in a poor family. They have to work very hard to get a house and have a home. Some of them may not achieve this goal in their whole life. Lack of income is another event that cause about the right to have a house. Everyone should have a right to having a home, but once they got nothing, no food, no money. How can they still live in an empty house without anything? Tom lives in a low-income households, even he know that what position he is, he still work for two jobs in one day because he wants to buy a house for his family. He saves money on foods and expenses for his whole life and finally he bought a house for them. But after he bought a house, he still has to work even harder because he has to pay their

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