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2 Physical and Cognitive Development Preview Examining the shape of children’s development allows us to understand it better. Every childhood is distinct, and is the first chapter in a new biography. This chapter is about children’s physical and cognitive development. These are some of the questions we will explore: • Do children develop in distinct stages, or is their development smoother and more continuous? • How do children develop physically, and how does this affect their behaviour and learning? • What is the best way to characterize students’ cognitive development? How might knowledge of students’ cognitive development influence the way you teach? • How does language develop? What is the best way to teach students to communicate verbally? PHYSICAL AND COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT Exploring How Children Develop Developmental Why Studying Issues Children’s Development Processes, Is Important Periods, and Stages Physical Development and Health Growth in Childhood Pubertal Changes Language Development What Is Language? Biological and Environmental Influences How Language Develops Cognitive Development Piaget’s Theory Vygotsky’s Theory Child Health and Education Case’s Neo-Piagetian Theory 32 N o bubble is so iridescent or floats longer than that blown by the successful teacher. Sir William Osler Canadian Physician, 20th Century Teaching Stories: Debra Bankay Debra Bankay is an elementary-school teacher who, prior to her certification in Ontario, taught at a private school based in the Froebel philosophy. Friedrich Froebel, best known as the founder of kindergarten, believed that play is critical for healthy child development. Below, Debra explains how she incorporates the Froebel methodology into her classroom instruction. “I was fortunate to have received training in the Froebel approach prior to teaching in the public

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