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Hector Lopez Period: 1 7-20-14 Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. Plagiarism is done worldwide. Those that get caught plagiarizing someone else’s work will be punished according to the teacher or professor standards. It is most common that the professor or teacher either refuses to accept the work, fail that particular assignment or simply fail the student for the course they are taking. Everyone has different opinions about plagiarism and the consequences that follow. Some teachers go easy on the student and there are those who strictly forbid the action of plagiarism and do what must be done. According to the AP English Language And Composition Free-Response Question, a high school teacher failed 28 sophomores for plagiarizing their semester projects from the internet. She has gotten support from the rural Kansas district from history of plagiarism and expects them to support her once more. In my opinion, I support the high school teacher with her decision to fail the 28 sophomores because if those students realize that they won’t be punished, they will continue to plagiarize their work in the future, leading to a disastrous academic reputation as well as a there own reputation according to this website . Students must learn to cite there sources correctly, students should create there own sources and use them appropriately. Some students are committing plagiarism due to the fact that they did not cite there sources correctly and they don’t even know it. That is why English teachers stress on making sure students understands and knows how to cite sources appropriately and effectively. Those who plagiarize and get away with it only hurt themselves. By refusing to do

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