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Extended Essay Juan Hernandez p.3 Introduction In both the play, "Antigone", and the Novel,"A Tale of Two Cities", there are examples of multiple examples of diverse types of death, from mortal death to social death. Dickens has many examples of death throughout the novel from the death of peasants and their children to nobles and kings, and many of their deaths had symbolistic meaning. For Sophocles his entire play was based on death, which was mainly just the death of high officials and nobles. Historical Context (Antigone) Was written during a time of national tension. in this time period tragedians wrote against the public and political figures but was subliminal. during this time Sophocles was a general and they regularly used the epiklerate (the right of the daughter to continue her dead father's lineage). since tragedians could write against political figures, Sophocles was able to write a play in which the king was a bad king that made irrational decisions that didn't help his kingdom. Historical Context (TOTC) During the time of the publication(1859), England was in a period of political and social stability. England had a long stable monarchy Was a prosperous nation and a major European power at the time. France at this time however was very disorderly Napoleon was the emperor and tried to conquer all of Europe, but failed . one year before the book was published, tension was high between England and France. Theme "The foremost reaction the family group would experience is grief. " says David Kronemyer. In death, most of the time, the reaction is grief, which mostly applies to family deaths. There are different types of death such as social death, that is when certain people aren't accepted as fully human by a larger society. There is also the death of dreams, such as

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