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Hope Marjorie M. Punsalan, RN RNHEALS GMA Batch III 1. What are your Job Description in this program RNheals intends to address the surplus in inexperienced nurses, promote health of the people and bring the government closer to them. We are deployed in rural and underserved communities for a period of one year. We undergo learning and development in accordance with the roles and functions required by this project. RNHEALS Batch 3 is focused on CHT and MNCHN. The job descriptions of nurses deployed in this program are as follows: * Complete physical assessments and conduct interviews to determine clients' current and past health problems. * Obtaining vital signs and other data, and developing information on health history and family health status * Develop and implement individual plans of care * Administer immunizations and medications and educate patients on potential side effects * Perform pre natal checkups. * Make referrals * identify health needs in the community and create and facilitate programs * Organize and provide education/health teaching on parenting, health care, nutrition, prenatal care, safety, breast feeding, and communicable diseases. * Implement and supervised the 4P’s program of the DOH. 2. What are your daily routines at work? Enumerates procedure that you have already performed? Every day, we assisting the MHO, PHN, and midwives in daily consultation, administer immunizations every Wednesday, performing pre natal checkups every Thursday, administer medications to patient, administer streptomycin to tb patients, weight monitoring of 4p’s family, and conduct mothers class. 3. What are your limitations at work? As a nurse under the RNheals program, we can’t attend the delivery of a mother without the supervision of our nurse/midwife; we can’t administer medication without their

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