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General Biology I Review of Lab Practical I Note 1: This list concentrates on the important topics you HAVE to know before taking your lab practical I exam. This in NO WAY means that the questions of the lab practical will be just from the contents of this review. Note 2: W hile working in the lab, Make sure that you know the name of each tool and instrument you use. Exercise 1: Measurements, lab techniques, and biological organization. The student should know: 1. How to convert between related units in the metric system. 2. How to measure the three dimensions of length, width, and height of different sized rectangular wooden blocks to the nearest tenth of a centimeter. 3. How to calculate the surface area of wooden blocks. 4. How to calculate the volume of wooden blocks. 5. How to calculate the surface area to volume ratio by dividing the surface area (cm2) by the volume (cm3). 6. What relationship exists between surface area to volume ratio (cm2/cm3) and volume (cm3) of wooden blocks. 7. How to measure the volume of irregular shaped solids using water displacement technique. 8. What relationship exists between the units of ml and cm3. 9. How to use and read the triple beam balance in order to determine the mass of an object in grams. 10. How to calculate the density of any object. 11. How to determine which objects float and which objects sink in water by comparing the density of each object to the density of water (1 g/ml or 1 g/cm3). 12. The levels of biological organization with some examples on each. 13. The answers to all of the practice problems at the end of the exercise (pages 1-16 and 1-17). Exercise 2: Functional Groups, Organic Molecules, Buffers, and Dilutions The student should know: 1. The type and arrangement of atoms (ball and stick-models) in each of the following functional groups: a. Hydroxyl. b. Aldehyde c.

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