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The Glass Mountain Donald Barthelme 1.I was trying to climb the glass mountain. 2. The glass mountain stands at the corner of Thirteenth Street and Eighth Avenue. 3. I had attained the lower slope. 4. People were looking up at me. 5. I was new in the neighborhood. 6. Nevertheless I had acquaintances. 7. I had strapped climbing irons to my feet and each hand grasped sturdy plumber's friend. 8. I was 200 feet up. 9. The wind was bitter. 10. My acquaintances had gathered at the bottom of the mountain to offer encouragement. 11. "Shithead." 12. "Asshole." 13. Everyone in the city knows about the glass mountain. 14. People who live here tell stories about it. 15. It is pointed out to visitors. 16. Touching the side of the mountain, one feels coolness. 17. Peering into the mountain, one sees sparkling blue-white depths. 18. The mountain towers over that part of Eighth Avenue like some splendid, immense office building. 19. The top of the mountain vanishes into the clouds, or on cloudless days, into the sun. 20. I unstuck the righthand plumber's friend leaving the lefthand one in place. 21. Then I stretched out and reattached the righthand one a little higher up, after which I inched my legs into new positions. 22. The gain was minimal, not an arm's length. 23. My acquaintances continued to comment. 24. "Dumb motherfucker." 25. I was new in the neighborhood. 26. In the streets were many people with disturbed eyes. 27. Look for yourself. 28. In the streets were hundreds of young people shooting up in doorways, behind parked cars. 29. Older people walked dogs. 30. The sidewalks were full of dogshit in brilliant colors: ocher, umber, Mars yellow, sienna, viridian, ivory black, rose madder. 31. And someone had been apprehended cutting down trees, a row of elms

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