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Nondiscrimination Essay

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  • on March 2, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Nondiscrimination" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

4th –How might your nondiscrimination policy limit the organization’s liability?-assigned to:
Federal law prohibits workplace discrimination based on a wide range of characteristics, from the well-known (age, disability, race, sex), to the lesser known (genetic information, pregnancy, citizenship) (Quinn, 2010). Discrimination and harassment can make complaints among coworkers and produce a large settlement if taken to court. How the nondiscrimination policy would limit the organizations liability is making sure the policy acts as a shield for the organization. The health care organization would make sure information about nondiscrimination would be fully explained throughout the employee handbook for each employee to read and sign. Information about regarding the rules that employees must follow will minimize the liability in a lawsuit. When hiring employees make sure each person is fully aware that this health care facility has a “Zero” tolerance for discrimination and if done he or she will be fired on the spot. Acquiring an in- house counsel among the workers so that each person fully understands the rules. Possessing a properly formed nondiscrimination and harassment policy can limit an employer’s liability (Quinn, 2010).
5th - How might your nondiscrimination policy enhance employee morale and professionalism?-assigned to:

How our nondiscrimination policy will enhance the employee morale and professionalism is by making him or her feel wanted at the workplace. No one wants to go to work and feel as if he or she are harassed or discriminated against. No one should have to deal with that when trying to make a living for his or her family. If the employer feels safe and enjoys where he or she works it would set his or her professionalism to a higher standard. He or she would be professional among their coworkers and patients seen.   No person wants to walk into a health care setting and have an employee be unprofessional to him or her. This will only cause a...

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