Nonacademic Subjects Whether to Be Included or Not ? Essay

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TOPIC 1: Subjects such as Art, Sport and Music are being dropped from the school curriculum for the other academic subjects which have a close relationship with their future careers. To what extent would you support or reject the idea of moving these subjetcs from school curriculum? In the present day, whether to retain subjects like Art, Sport and Music or to leave them out and focus solely on those closely linked to the students’ future occupation has sparked a growing debate. Regarding the issue, an army of people support the former, while may others favour the latter. I am inclined to the idea of retaining nonacademic subjects for a number of convincing reasons. In the first place, admittedly, concentration on academic subjetcs is beneficial for students. Devoting most of the time to those subjects enables the students to have a firm grasp on basic knowledge and a thorough understanding of related areas. With a firm foundation, they tend to catch on easily, advance their level in no time and, therefore, have an excellent study record with which many invaluable opportunities open up to them. However, following the conventional schedule with nonacademic subjects proves to be more advantageous for students. Working with Art and Music, which principally involves creating what is fresh, new and inspiring, not only helps students to relax after tense classes of academic subjects but also build up their creativity and imagination. Additionally, having music lessons on a regular basis is claimed by scientists to considerably improve students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. According to some research, the proportion of the brain we use when playing an instrument or follow a note sequence is the same as that when doing Maths; therefore, unsurprisingly, talented mathematicians also excell at playing the piano. Furthermore, students can get more

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