Non Vewrbal Communication Essay

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Non Verbal Communication Criminal Justice Communication There are several different types of non verbal communication. Nonverbal communication, in simple words, is the process of communicating by sending and receiving non-verbal messages by means of gestures, body language or facial expressions. Many questions can be answered without actually speaking answers. In fact in criminal Justice, police ready body language, eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, hap tic, posture, infliction, proximity, and even paralinguistic’s to get answers. Investigators are taught to study more than just verbal communication when it comes to determining whether a subject is being truthful or not. Facial expressions are usually the most noticeable of all nonverbal communication. As someone talks, their facial expressions can send a message of calmness or nervousness, which affects the way the message is heard by someone. A lack of facial expression communicates as well, in that it sends a message of possible boredom or that a message has not been received as intended. Eye contact is the gaze shared between the person speaking and the one listening. Maintaining appropriate eye contact can convey a message of respect between someone speaking and the listener.. As will any nonverbal communication type, eye contact should be used appropriately. Intense eye contact can be uncomfortable and considered staring. Gestures are a type of nonverbal communication that influences a conversation. Gestures can include hand movements as well as other body movements used while speaking or listening. Though gestures can add personality and warmth to a conversation, overuse can result in a conversation interruption or distraction. Excessive hand movement can convey a message of nervousness and a slight nod of the head can let a speaker know that you understand his message.

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