Non Verbal Comminucation Essay

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Non Verbal Communication 1 Non Verbal Communication Stephanie Mattingly Everest University Non verbal Communication 2 There are several non verbal messages that can be determined. We all communicate with one another even without talking. You can look at someone the wrong way and make them think that you are mad at them or you can even make a hand gesture that will give them a message. We sometimes don’t even think about it before we do it and it’s too late. Body movement is one message. Body movement is when you give someone a thumbs up meaning good job or meaning that it is okay. Not every body movement means the same thing in other areas of the world. There are five different body movements starting with Emblems. Emblems are body gestures. Illustrators is another this is when you are talking about something or someone and you direct the attention to that item or person by pointing to the left or right. Affect displays is another form of body movement. This is when you make movements with your face depending on the conversation you are having. Regulators are behaviors that we have that control, coordinate, or maintain another individual speaking. Adaptors are gestures that reflect personal need, and usually result in self touching like rubbing your nose. Body appearance is another way to communicate. The way we look gives people a good idea of the type of person we really are. Our personal appearances also let people know where we might be from and what we like to do. Your general attractiveness is also part of body communication. Attractive people have the advantage in just about every activity you can name. Facial Communication is a good way for someone to know how you are feeling. For example if

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