Non-Traditional Families Essay

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The American family structure is considered a traditional family support system involving two married individuals, whom provide care and stability for their biological offspring. However, this two-parent, nuclear family has become less prevalent, and alternative family forms have become more common. Over time, the traditional structure has had to adapt to very influential changes, including divorce, single-parent families (unwed mothers), and homosexual / same-sex marriage families; who “undermined the family values of the traditional family, are failures, and put their own children at risk.” These non-traditional families are growing more common every day and are overcoming the idealized views of the traditional family; they are equally capable of raising children to be successful and well-developed as any other nuclear family could. It is a common belief, in our country, that an uproar in non-traditional relationships would create suboptimum environments for children. Believing that being around homosexual families, single-parent families, and divorced families would convince their own children to live such an “unfit” lifestyle. In all truth, if your child is raised right (in an open-minded and strong aegis environment) the personal / lifestyle doings of others will not be of any damage nor concern to their well-trained mind and own perspicacity. Aimee Gelnaw, who has raised two children with her lesbian partner and heads the Family Pride Coalition, said “It's through those interactions that people come to understand we all want the same things -- to create safe, loving environments for our kids." Just because these families live a different “unmoral” lifestyle than that of the average “Barbie and Ken life” does not make them wrong in any sense of the word. They are still people, so they still want the same things in life as any other traditional person would.

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