Non-Renewable vs. Renewable Energy Essay

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Earth, where both energy sources meet, kept us alive for thousands of years. Sunlight which provides light gave warmth to our body, water that cleansed our body also provides hydration, and air gave us pure oxygen to breathe. These are just one of the basic sources of energy for our body that still continues to provide us with benefits. As the development of technology grew along with population, the demand for energy increased, thus forcing humans to look for more energy. The thirst for energy led us to look for more sources here on Earth. This led us to sources like coal, and fossil fuels. Some developed nuclear power plants that powered thousands of houses. While these energy sources provided us with benefits, did it also benefit Earth? At first we thought that this is a gift from Mother Earth, but we now realize its consequences. Pollution and wastes that are excreted into the environment can yield devastating aftermath that will affect not only Earth, but also humans. After centuries from now, these sources will also be depleted. So we should find recyclable alternatives that are more efficient and cleaner than the traditional sources. Energy sources on Earth is finite, nothing will last forever. Non-renewable energy sources are the disposable type of energy, which means we can’t use it again and again. An example of this source is fuel. Fuel is one of the most common sources of energy because it has the capability to power even the latest technology. It’s also used in thousands of vehicles that roam the face of the Earth every day, not just on land, but also on air and sea. Even the machines that harvest energy sources also need fuel to operate. As the time goes by, Earth’s population continues to increase and that’s when the problem starts. Increased population means increased demand for fuel and other energy. So companies will be forced to harvest more

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